Monday, June 15, 2009

Alert! Raging Hormones

It seems to me that my Dog Kai does have some kind of stress issues going on with her. Since my Husband did not learn the first time around not to leave his phone within her reach. Well, we decided to walk to Taco Bell Sunday night before my show Army Wives came on and we were not gone for more than 15 minutes. We come back and there she is chewing up my old blackberry. I swear I think she has it really with electronics. I don't know, it is a shame.. I cannot wait to let the puppies go because I miss my house! It is like a tornado.. They are cute and everything and all but no no no.. and Tom is begging for a puppy.. is it bad enough we have a teenage dog with raging hormones here along with a whining husband?(Tom's input) I don't get it. Am I not enough? Whatever happened to my sweet innocent Kai and the man I thought I married?

Thomas here: Honey, no, I need the pitter patter of little feet destroying my house a second time around after JD and Kai put together.

Friday, June 12, 2009

When Dogs Go Bad

Most of you know that my teenage dog Kai got pregnant during our wedding event. Tom and I found out the first week of April. I will never forget the belated April Fool's joke I did on a few members of the church like Darrell, Melanie, and so on. Their expression was priceless. I love you guys. We had a feeling that she was but wanted to confirm it. Our feelings were somewhat mixed of the what ifs and the should ofs. As excited as we were, did we think of the consequences of how much time, cost and effort it would take somewhat. It is a joy to experience the simple things in life. That is what we did on April 28th our 2 month anniversary. Little did we know that she was going in to Labor as I would say it is up to the pups when they want to come out and she had five beauties.. Poor Kai did not know what it was going to be like the next 6 weeks of her life. Constant milking and cleaning up their poop etc gets pretty sick when you see her eat it. I just think it better to have babies. I have a sensitive nose so my husband who cannot smell ,thank goodness for that he is stuck with dirty diapers as I will say.

I wish they stay little..


Fast forward 6 weeks later, I am in summer school every morning and had a test yesterday and Tom wakes me up at 6:40 am two hours before get up time since class is at 9:45 am he tells me that Kai ate his phone and tore up his phone case and one of his ATM cards. All I could do was think " Your waking me up this early to tell me about this" Are you nuts!? I am half asleep and I am not really a morning person. But I ask him if she ate anything else.. So he brings me his destroyed wallet and I look at it and I said Drivers Licence is good, Library card good. Wellsfargo check card good.. I looked at him and I said " Honey, did it ever occur to you that she prefers Wellsfargo over ACFCU. He laughed, I knew my duty as a wife was accomplished at 7 am. To make light of a situation you have to laugh about it. So you ask why she may have done it. I guess she just got sick of the puppies she needed to do her own little damage. That what happens when you have 5 demanding little pups you just need a break.
I will post pics of the phone later.. On the bright side we don't have to spend money replacing the phone, I still had my old Blackberry. I knew the day couldn't be better.