Monday, November 8, 2010


I am a woman of many Flaws, some I cannot change and some that I can FIX. Every morning I wake up and there are days I don't feel like taking the time to FIX my flaws. Well this morning I decided if I was going to be in a good mood then I need to FIX my flaws and make myself feel good. I KNOW every woman has some kind of Flaws about her. Well I am one of them, No lie. I am not a perfect size 8 {I am sure I can be a perfect size 8 if I put effort to it.} I was BLESSED with boobs my HUSBAND is proud of. That is NO secret. I can tell you how we met but I will save that for another post. I see my own flaws that I am not at the weight I want, have the color eyes I want, or my big cheeks make me look weird,and have long unmanageable hair. I could go on. Being the woman that I am there are also the inward flaws that I have in my mind that is SOMETHING ELSE.

There is no ordinary morning when my husband sees me do this.

That right putting on make up to FIX my flaws.

He comes into the room bringing my coffee and our conversation goes like this:

Tom: "Eww!"

VeVe: "What why the look..? Make up?"

 I look at him and ask "What is wrong with make up? You're not supposed to like makeup… I would be concerned if you did…" 

 Tom: replies “Why do you need make up?”

{This is at 7 am in the morning and if you know me I am not a morning person at all.}

VeVe:  I look at him with an exhausted sigh…” I like make up because it covers my flaws so that I can look pretty for YOU. Is that so wrong? I said.”

Tom: “But I think you look so cute in the morning, in fact sometimes you look like Medusa. If someone looks at you in the morning you will turn them into stone…”

VeVe: Hmm… Medusa… Are you implying that I wake up with wild hair but I am pretty enough to stone someone?

Tom:  Maybe I should keep my mouth shut…

I have some flaws some that I DO NOT like. Yet, I know I can FIX them to a point but I need to learn to love the flaws that God gave me.

 My husband tells me all the time that he loves me for ME and that beauty is from with inside of you. It is your personality and that brings you out to others.  Yes make up is a temporary fix but it is also the experience and the joys that bring beauty out, those others see. Like I said there are different flaws that I have, that are a quick fix and flaws that I cannot fix beyond my control. I know I could try to improve if I change the things I do. However I should take those flaws and EMBRACE them to make the little something I am allowing to annoy me into NOTHING. Because the end result I am still a BEAUTIFUL person inside and out whether I FIXED the flaws or I am allowing myself to embrace them. So REMEMBER you and I are BEAUTIFUL and LOVING women no matter what little flaws we have. 

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Men of PBDC

When we have the Women's Retreat there is always something to look forward to at the end of the retreat Saturday evening. I am in AWE at how much time,patience that the men in our church who are our Pastor, spouses, and friends take the time to serve the women who come to gather once a year. For some women its away from wifey duties, the stress of everyday life. Keeping everything together in the household, church, work and school. These men give up their time of relaxation, sport events, and their own time out of their daily lives just to give us a five star meal. I am proud to say that God has been in the work of our church. That we have Godly men in our church who honors the women at a time of fellowship once a year. I never hear any complaints. Pastor Darrell and the other men really put their craftmanship of creativity together to WOW us. I cannot express the gratitude of everything they have done for the Women's Retreat. I am pretty sure that the men who weren't helping cooking, were at home watching the kiddos while their wives were learning about God. Thank you for giving your time.

Maybe someday we can return the favor of serving you a Five Star Meal. God has worked in these men's life and has shown their service for him. I want to Thank the Men of PBDC for their greaaat service...

{You might not see all of the Men in the pictures because they do not like their pictures taken }


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Saturday, November 6, 2010

What I am Thankful for..

I have yet to post my day to day " What I am Thankful for" so I thought I make this one fun..


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Women’s Retreat 2010

Created to be HIS..

“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Eph 2:10

Every year I look forward to two events our church offers, the Marriage Retreat and the Women’s Retreat. The time finally came for the Women’s Retreat and not only was I eager to learn about God’s words but I was able to let him teach me through the women that were teaching. The three most important women in the bible who had faith,wisdom, courage, knowledge,and love for God. Esther,Ruth and Abigail. Learning more about them makes me want to be a woman like them. I want God to Create me to his being. As a person, wife, friend in whatever way that pleases him.

For the last year, I have grown and others have recognized my growth and my relationship with God even when I don’t see it. See this years women’s retreat was a blessing and hardship because I learned something and God does work in ways that I may never understand. He has taught me to be prepared for his plan that he has for me and be willing to listen and take action. See he taught me there no greater love than his, but to forgive and to heal. I had the opportunity to sit down and talk to someone that would have taken years for me to do. It was the HARDEST thing I ever had to do. Not only because we have taken the steps to forgive each other {it is a day by day thing} but God’s grace has put me where I am in my life to HEAL. Not just for me but the others. See I would not have been able to do this last year but it is AMAZING when you have God mold you for a certain time in your life. He knew what would happen and he took his time to mold me and make me strong enough through him to handle this area of my life. When I needed it he gave me the wisdom through people I trusted. A shoulder to cry on when needed it. A hug of comfort when that is all that needed to be done. He provided when I needed it. I THANK him for showing me and helping me speak in a manner of LOVE. After all, I am being CREATED TO BE HIS.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Since it is the month of November a month of Thanksgiving.. I wanted to post three things that I am Thankful for everyday no matter how bad of a day I had. See sometimes even I forget to Thank God for his presence in my life and I sometimes think of other things. Since I didn't Blog the first day of November it will be a total of six things I am Thankful for.

I am thankful for:

A new day!

Reminding me of your presence

My husbands patience for me

Your Love

The courage that you have given me

Where I am in my life: with you, my husband, church, school, and family.

The people you put into my life.

P.S. Next post will be about the wonderful weekend of Women's Retreat!

I struggle

I wrote this last week I just have yet to post it..

Now that I have no more excuses to use! I hope that I will find myself improving in my lack of thing I struggle with...

Here I am in the middle of the week and I just want to give up my goals. BECAUSE I LACK THE TIME TO STICK TO SOMETHING! Still I feel overwhelmed and I struggle, I mean really struggle. So many things to do and so LITTLE time. I am trying to finish most of my assignments before my hubby and I take off for our annual thanksgiving vacation. Yah in one week we will be hitting Detroit, MI, Pittsfield MA and Boston, MA.
If I wasn’t owned by the state, then we be driving through Canada. GAH!

See my list goes as this I WANT to graduate in Dec of this year. I have 18 credits to complete, six of which are incomplete that I HAVE to finish them by DEC 8th. I STRUGGLE again with Genetics. { Note to self to never become a doctor} I hate science. God, Thank you for your creations but I do not understand Genetics! I have to take this course as an upper level science class in order to graduate. I fail! I have ONE book report, ONE term paper, EXAMS that I need to study for. When will this end. Plus I am coming back to school in the Spring. How am I to DO all of this and come back next spring. Crazy? Right. I have NO EXCUSES! { Well except watching the RANGERS winning the World Series} My husband helps me out when I need it. He a genius he helps me understand the concept of something I just don’t get.

I admit I am a HORRIBLE housekeeper. In our room you will find 2 weeks of laundry on the floor and a bed not made. Papers everywhere, dust bunnies creeping up. I said I wasn’t a good housekeeper. So I have no excuse right we pay my mom 50 dollars to clean the house so why is it that I can’t get what I need done. You know the saying “ You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Yeah well since we decided to eliminate our Dish TV. { bye bye DVR, I will see you again someday} I study more, I focus more and I still can’t get things DONE! I TRY and TRY then I fail. Why??? Time management. I give kudos to people who do follow a schedule. I know it may not work for some people and it may for others. Really if I were to discipline myself since I could walk maybe I would be better. See I am learning something new I just have not yet mastered. So If I put my whole blog and relate it to the bible of how God can really work in our life. I be amazed what I continue to learn.When we first realize that God is our father and we will not enter the gates of heaven with out Jesus Christ. (John 4:16) when you become saved you are so eager to hear his word, his promises and the fire is with you. As time goes on we get distracted make excuses and we lose our way. My point is that I need to treat school as I do with God. God should be my priority and I need to be motivated and eager and on FIRE everyday not just with God, but with marriage, school, and church. I have to ACCEPT that I am not perfect, I am not going to have a clone of me everyday to do my job. I have to accept that I do not have the POWER to do everything. God can do everything. I can’t do everything. If I ask God to give me the patience, the peace and help me Try to do as much I will succeed. Someday I will Master my life as a Christian woman through him. Someday I will Master my time management through him. Someday I will master what I don’t and accept the things that I have no control over and let it be. I will be able to do the things I should be able to do. WITH God’s help. I give him all the GLORY of what he has taught me these past few weeks.