Monday, June 15, 2009

Alert! Raging Hormones

It seems to me that my Dog Kai does have some kind of stress issues going on with her. Since my Husband did not learn the first time around not to leave his phone within her reach. Well, we decided to walk to Taco Bell Sunday night before my show Army Wives came on and we were not gone for more than 15 minutes. We come back and there she is chewing up my old blackberry. I swear I think she has it really with electronics. I don't know, it is a shame.. I cannot wait to let the puppies go because I miss my house! It is like a tornado.. They are cute and everything and all but no no no.. and Tom is begging for a puppy.. is it bad enough we have a teenage dog with raging hormones here along with a whining husband?(Tom's input) I don't get it. Am I not enough? Whatever happened to my sweet innocent Kai and the man I thought I married?

Thomas here: Honey, no, I need the pitter patter of little feet destroying my house a second time around after JD and Kai put together.

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