Monday, November 8, 2010


I am a woman of many Flaws, some I cannot change and some that I can FIX. Every morning I wake up and there are days I don't feel like taking the time to FIX my flaws. Well this morning I decided if I was going to be in a good mood then I need to FIX my flaws and make myself feel good. I KNOW every woman has some kind of Flaws about her. Well I am one of them, No lie. I am not a perfect size 8 {I am sure I can be a perfect size 8 if I put effort to it.} I was BLESSED with boobs my HUSBAND is proud of. That is NO secret. I can tell you how we met but I will save that for another post. I see my own flaws that I am not at the weight I want, have the color eyes I want, or my big cheeks make me look weird,and have long unmanageable hair. I could go on. Being the woman that I am there are also the inward flaws that I have in my mind that is SOMETHING ELSE.

There is no ordinary morning when my husband sees me do this.

That right putting on make up to FIX my flaws.

He comes into the room bringing my coffee and our conversation goes like this:

Tom: "Eww!"

VeVe: "What why the look..? Make up?"

 I look at him and ask "What is wrong with make up? You're not supposed to like makeup… I would be concerned if you did…" 

 Tom: replies “Why do you need make up?”

{This is at 7 am in the morning and if you know me I am not a morning person at all.}

VeVe:  I look at him with an exhausted sigh…” I like make up because it covers my flaws so that I can look pretty for YOU. Is that so wrong? I said.”

Tom: “But I think you look so cute in the morning, in fact sometimes you look like Medusa. If someone looks at you in the morning you will turn them into stone…”

VeVe: Hmm… Medusa… Are you implying that I wake up with wild hair but I am pretty enough to stone someone?

Tom:  Maybe I should keep my mouth shut…

I have some flaws some that I DO NOT like. Yet, I know I can FIX them to a point but I need to learn to love the flaws that God gave me.

 My husband tells me all the time that he loves me for ME and that beauty is from with inside of you. It is your personality and that brings you out to others.  Yes make up is a temporary fix but it is also the experience and the joys that bring beauty out, those others see. Like I said there are different flaws that I have, that are a quick fix and flaws that I cannot fix beyond my control. I know I could try to improve if I change the things I do. However I should take those flaws and EMBRACE them to make the little something I am allowing to annoy me into NOTHING. Because the end result I am still a BEAUTIFUL person inside and out whether I FIXED the flaws or I am allowing myself to embrace them. So REMEMBER you and I are BEAUTIFUL and LOVING women no matter what little flaws we have. 

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